Meet Vero

Veronica Gutierrez started LIT organically while planning her son’s 1st birthday. Not being able to find the perfect candle for his birthday cake, she decided to make it herself! Unaware that this will become a business and storefront in Toronto—she continued testing colours, supplies and designs. 

Her obsession with candle-making quickly grew. And having a baby boy truly heightened the feeling of doing something bigger other than working in media&advertising— the industry she was persuing at the time. Looking for a challenge, something she truly loved, could stand by, where not every day looked OR felt the same, Veronica decided to stick with growing a candle company, and going all in.

This Candle is Lit, is actually so Lit! Since starting with birthday candles, Veronica now runs a small team and storefront that does more than just candles. LIT opened its doors to teaching others the “art of candle-making”. Running monthly workshops at Lit Studios, helping businesses create memories with team-building activities, and even attending events that include candle-making as an experiential component. 

Lit continues to create unique candle products that are sold in-stores of North America and Europe. As well as working with brands/stores, to help their candle vision come to life. We care about the details— from supplies, production, packaging to building long-term relationships with our clients.


“Creating something out of nothing and others truly appreciating it, is a magical feeling!”

- Veronica